Economic Development

The Economic Development Unit in the City of Masvingo is committed to driving growth, investment, and innovation in our City. We strive to foster a thriving economic environment that benefits businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

Key services provided by the Economic Development Unit include:

1. Business Support:

We offer a range of services to help businesses start, grow, and succeed in the City. This includes access to resources, training programs, and networking opportunities.

2. Investment Attraction:

We work to attract new investment to the City, creating jobs and driving economic growth. Our team can assist businesses looking to expand or relocate to the City of Masvingo.

3. Strategic Planning:

We develop and implement strategic plans to guide economic development efforts in the City, ensuring alignment with the our vision to become an Industrialised World Class Metropolitan by 2030.

4. Community Engagement:

We engage with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders to ensure that economic development initiatives reflect the needs and priorities of the community.


5. Tourism Promotion:

Masvingo is a vibrant City with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The Economic Development Unit promotes tourism in the area, helping to showcase the City’s attractions and boost visitation.


For more information on the Economic Development Unit and how we can support your business or investment in Masvingo, please contact us or visit our offices. Thank you for your interest in growing with us

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