• Rujeko C, Ingwe Drive which is affecting the whole of Rujeko C1.
  • Opal Street, Morningside which is affecting part of Morningside and Masvingo Teachers College.
  • Citrus Street, Rhodene which is affecting areas from Citrus Round About up to Bauhunia Street.

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Volume of water in all 5 tanks is 14, 75 mega litres.  Opening time was 2:20 am and closing time will be 10:00 am.

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Areas to be collected Friday 18 November 2022

  • Rhodene – Zimre Park
  • Sisk area
  • Majange East and West
  • CBD
  • Business centres
  • 4 Brigade and 4.1

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Out of 12 reports from yesterday, all were done except one in Silundika St, Town.

For today we have 8 following reports which will be attended to in 24 hours:

  1. Shato St, Rujeko B
  2. Chirongo St, Rujeko C
  3. Dindingwe St, Hillside
  4. Mineral Road, Industry
  5. Westview Road, Industry
  6. Zviitirei St, Sisk, Mucheke
  7. Chipfuko St, Rujeko C
  8. Chikumi St, Rujeko C


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Water Supply Update- 17/11/22

  1. Volume of water in all 5 tanks is 15 mega litres.
  2. Opening time for today was 2:20 am and closing time will be 10:00 am.
  3. We have 2 pipe bursts, 1 in Target Kopje which has affected the whole of Target Kopje and another one  in Industria Road and which has affected areas from Bottlers to ZIMHIDE.

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Cervical cancer screening using Truscreen.  It’s a new machine used to detect cervical cancer cells promptly. The procedure takes about 5 minutes.  all women above 18 years are eligible. Outreach programme for cervical cancer screening using Truscreen will be done in the city clinics as follows:

  • Runyararo clinic 17 November 2022 from 0700hrs to 1600hrs
  • Rujeko clinic 22 November 2022 from 0700hrs to 1600hrs


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License renewal period has started for year 2023.

Pay early to avoid penalties.

Inspection of premises will be done before renewal.

Thank you!

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Pipe bursts & Sewer blockages to be attended today

NB* 1 pipe burst in Morningside. To be attended to by 2pm today

We shall attend to 12 Sewer blockages within 24 hours namely:

1. Nyengero St, Rujeko C
2. Ngongoni St, Hillside Extension
3. Tanaiwa Market, Mucheke
4. DDF offices, Mucheke
5. Chiedza St, Mucheke
6. Production Brigade St, Majanje
7. Chirongo St, Rujeko C
8. Masimbaevanhu St, Chesvingo
9. Hiilside shops, Hillside
10. Silundika St, Town
11. Ironwood St, Rhodene
12. Zimuto St, Rank



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City of Masvingo received community nursing outreach equipment from one of its partners Africa Ahead organization on the 27th of October 2022 at Masvingo Civic Center.

The donation was in support of the expanded program on immunization.A set of community nursing outreach equipment was received and this equipment will be used during outreach programmes since most clients are prefering to seek immunization services closer to their homes more than going to health centers. The program on immunization will also target adminstraion of covid-19 vaccine since there is a low uptake of the Booster dose of covid 19 This will benefit the community as a whole as Masvingo is targeting to reach 100% herd immunity against covid 19.

From the donations, the face masks and sanitizers are to be given to the disabled clients for free. A branded gazebo, chairs, folded table and ice packs are to be used by nurses who will be vaccinating people in the community.

The ceremony was indeed a remarkable event as His Worship the Mayor C. Maboke, Councilor Chiteme, Councilor Musekiwa, Town Clerk E. Mukaratirwa, District Development Coordinator Mr R. Hove and Council management were present. The partnership between City of Masvingo and Africa Ahead will forever be maintained in support of the EPI program in Masvingo.


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Council Swimming Pool Now Functional

City of Masvingo hereby notifies residents, ratepayers and stakeholders on Council swimming pool charges. Adults – $2, Children (14 years & below) – $1, Spectators – $1 and Day Booking – $200. First Session is from 0930hrs to 1245hrs and Second Session is from 1400hrs to 1645hrs. Everyone is allowed to pay before entering the pool. Dogs and pets are not allowed and strictly no alcohol.

Location:  Northly Police Post

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