Investment Policy

In order to fulfil our Mission and Vision statements, the City of Masvingo endeavours to create a flourishing industrial and commercial hub in Zimbabwe.

To realise this dream, we have come up with an enabling Investment Policy to stimulate industrial and commercial activity in the city. The City of Masvingo investment policy hinges on the following three major strategies:

a) Striving to ensure accessibility availability of both Industrial and Commercial land for development at affordable price as well as facilitating the speedy provision of necessary services such as water, electricity, telecommunications and transport network to enable economic activity to take off.Endeavouring to ensure the increased participation by both international and local investors through the granting of an attractive INCENTIVE PACKAGE capable of luring investors into our city and province. To achieve this objective, we seek to disseminate relevant information to prospective investors.Eradicating bureaucratic delays when dealing with prospective investors by adopting the slogan: “NO RED TAPE ...LOTS OF RED CARPET”

Masvingo Investment Incentives.

The Masvingo City Council offers finest incentive packages in the country. As you scrutinize our program, you will find it good and the following are the incentives:


Our negotiable rates moratorium is categorised by the amount of investment used for new industial development. 


As an added bonus, council offers free water usage throughout the construction for both industrial and commercial development.
Special concessions on water tariffs are also available on ay bulk users.


Masvingo is a well-developed contemporary town offering good shopping facilities ranging from four major supermarkets to wholesalers, to morden bakeries and a comprehensive list of service-type industries geared towards benefiting local residents.


The Masvingo sports club is an excellent facility offering golf, tennis, bowls, rugby, cricket, squash, badminton and hockey. These activities are complimented by a full clubhouse and dining room. There are three very active 1st Division soccer teams which use the magnificent Mucheke stadium as their home field. Also the high density area offers tennis, basketball, cricket and boxing facilities.


Our roads and rail links connects Masvingo with Bulawayo, Harare, Gweru, Mutare and Beitbridge to South Africa. The well-established Masvingo airport offers regular service from Harare. An area surrounding the airport has been designated as an export processing zone. A very active city council is committed in extending all areas by providing full services including tarred roads, water and sewerage.

Ease Of Doing Business

To facilitate investment, the City of Masvingo has streamlined our processes to reduce the time it takes investors to commence business operations in terms of licensing, building plan approvals, issuing of development permits and provision of ancillary services. Find Out More


Approval of Commercial/Industrial Building Plans

Applicant is required to pay the cost of land and other fees to be eligible to submit Building Plans. Plan Approval Fees (PAF) are levied using a formula that takes into consideration the size of the stand. The Building Plan should be drawn by a qualified Architect or Draughtsman.

Trading Licences

Applicant is required to complete the License Application Form provide link FORM LS2 which can be downloaded from or collected physically from Office Number 9, First Floor, Administration Block, Civic Centre offices.

Application for Commercial/Industrial Stand

New License application

For new license applications, the applicant is required to submit copy of utility bill, tax clearance certificate, company registration documents, copy of national ID or positive identification for private individuals. View/Download Licence application form

Premise Inspections

Premise pre-licensing inspections are made by the Health Department within (2) days of submitting an application.

License Expiry

Trading licenses expire on the anniversary date of issue to avoid accruing penalties. Business operators are kindly reminded to renew licenses before expiry.

2020 Licence Fees Schedule- CT

Separation Of Inspection From License Renewal

The City Health Department does not link routine inspections with license renewals although any failure to comply with the city’s health standards/regulations is addressed immediately and rectified accordingly.

Receipt of business proposals.

We acknowledge receipt of business proposals within five working days.

Property Registration

Upon receipt of applications for cessions or title, internal processes are completed within 7 working days.

Water & Sewer Connection

Water connection is effected on the premises upon approval of the Building Plans within a period of three days for commercial and industrial premises.

Subject to approval of various stages of development of a commercial/industrial premise, sewer connection will be effected within (7) working days from the date of application.

Council will also liaise with the electricity utility for connection.

Invest in Masvingo’s Dynamic Future!

A). Commercial Real Estate Boom

• Project: Central Business District Expansion Project (CMCDEP)

  • Project:Central Business District Expansion Project (CMCDEP)
  • Opportunity:Be part of a major expansion of Masvingo CBD creating high-rise offices, shopping malls, a five-star hotel, student accommodation, gated community and more.
  • Highlights:Prime location, high demand, and stable real estate market.

Invest in the Future of Masvingo!

The City of Masvingo is seeking investors to partner in the exciting CMCDEP project, a major expansion of our CBD. This project presents a unique opportunity to be part of Masvingo's growth and development journey to an industrialised world class metropolitan city.

Project Highlights:

  • High Demand: The current CBD is at full capacity, and there's a strong market for new commercial space and modern amenities.
  • Prime Location: The project site is conveniently located near the existing CBD, along major transportation routes in the country and the region.
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities: We welcome investors interested in:
  • High-rise commercial buildings
  • Modern shopping malls
  • A five-star hotel
  • Housing project - Gated community
  • Digital data storage centers
  • Project Duration: 5 years
  • Estimated Overall Project Cost: US$27 Million

Why Invest in Masvingo?

  • Stable Real Estate Market
  • Growing Economy
  • Ready Market for Space
  • Supportive Local Government

Project Components:

  • Serviced Land: The City will provide serviced land with water, sewage, roads, and data infrastructure.
  • Investor Opportunities: We are seeking partners for:
  • Construction of buildings and facilities
  • Development of the project infrastructure (optional)

Benefits for Investors:

  • Attractive returns on investment
  • Opportunity to be part of a significant development project
  • Access to a growing market

Project Risks and Mitigation Strategies:

We acknowledge potential risks such as inflation and natural disasters. We will mitigate these risks through:

  • US dollar-denominated fees
  • Implementation of early warning systems and adaptation strategies

Join us in building a brighter future for Masvingo!

For more information, contact:

Don't miss out on this exceptional groundbreaking opportunity! Invest in the CMCDEP.

B). Sustainable Water Solutions

• Project: City of Masvingo Water Augmentation Project (CMWMP)

  • Opportunity: Invest in a Public-Private Partnership to significantly increase Masvingo's water capacity.
  • Highlights: Reliable water supply, attractive returns, and positive social impact.

Invest in Masvingo's Future: Secure Our Water!

The Opportunity:

Masvingo's growing population is placing a strain on our existing water infrastructure. Demand for clean water exceeds supply and the City’s population is projected to continue expanding.

The City of Masvingo is launching the CMWMP, a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project to significantly increase our water supply capacity. This project presents a unique opportunity for investors to partner with a progressive City and ensure a sustainable supply of water for the City.

Project Highlights:

  • Reliable Water Supply: Increase daily water capacity from 30 to 60 mega litres.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Collaborate with the City of Masvingo through a Public-Private Partnership.
  • Attractive Returns: Benefit from a growing customer base and revenue sharing agreement.
  • Positive Impact: Contribute to the health and well-being of Masvingo's residents.

Project Scope:

  • Upgrade water treatment facilities at Bushmead Water Works.
  • Construct a new 30 mega litre per day water treatment plant.
  • Build a 17 km bulk pipeline for water transmission.
  • Construct storage reservoirs in the Target Kopje area.
  • Expand the potable water distribution network within the city.

Project Investment:

  • Total Estimated Cost: US$72 million
  • Funding Sources:
  • Investor financing
  • Feasibility study funded by the City (US$100,000)

Project Benefits:

  • Improved public health and living standards for Masvingo residents.
  • Increased economic activity through reliable water supply.
  • Opportunity for investors to earn a healthy return on their investment.

Project Timeline:

  • Year 1: Feasibility study, environmental & social impact assessment, project design, and wayleave clearance.
  • Years 2-3: Construction of intake works and water treatment plant.
  • Years 4-5: Construction of pipeline, storage reservoirs, and distribution network.

Call to Action:

The City of Masvingo invites reputable investors to partner with us on the CMWMP. We are seeking investment in the construction and operation of the project's infrastructure.

Join us in building a brighter future for Masvingo!

For more information, contact:

Don't miss out on this exceptional groundbreaking opportunity!  Invest in the CMWMP.

C). Thriving Tourism Industry

• Project: Shagashe Game Park Revival

• Opportunity: Revitalize a hidden gem with a lodge, camping, conference facilities, and fishing/boating amenities.
• Highlights: Untapped potential, strong tourism sector, and Build-Operate-Transfer model for faster returns.

Invest in Masvingo’s Thriving Tourism Industry: Revive Shagashe Game Park!

Experience the Untamed Beauty of Masvingo!

The City of Masvingo invites investors to partner in the exciting revival of Shagashe Game Park, a hidden gem with vast potential. This project offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Masvingo's tourism growth while earning attractive returns.

Project Highlights:

  • Prime Location: Situated just 4km from Masvingo City, Shagashe boasts easy access for tourists.
  • Untapped Potential: Revive recreational activities and establish new tourism experiences.
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities: Build a lodge/hotel, camping sites, conference facilities, and fishing/boating amenities.
  • BOT Model: Recover your investment through operation of the park.
  • 3-Year Project Timeline: Witness the transformation and reap the benefits quickly.

Project Scope:

  • Conduct a feasibility study and environmental assessment.
  • Clear land and obtain wayleaves.
  • Construct a 3-star hotel and conference facilities.
  • Develop fishing and boating amenities on the existing dams.
  • Introduce game animals for viewing (subject to permits).

Why Invest in Shagashe Game Park?

  • Strong Tourism Sector: Masvingo's proximity to Great Zimbabwe Monuments and other attractions positions it for tourism success.
  • Limited Hotel Capacity: The current offering is insufficient to meet growing demand.
  • Unique Selling Point: Shagashe offers a blend of wildlife viewing, recreational activities, and convenient access to the city.

Project Investment:

  • Total Estimated Cost: US$300,000
  • Funding Source: Investor financing

Project Returns:

  • Projected Revenue: Generated through hotel stays, conferencing, and park activities.
  • BOT Model: Regain your investment over an agreed period through park operation.

Project Implementation Schedule:

  • Year 1: Feasibility study, environmental assessment, and project design.
  • Year 2: Land clearance, construction of hotel and conference facilities.
  • Year 3: Develop fishing/boating facilities and introduce game viewing.

Become a Partner in Masvingo's Tourism Future!

We are confident that Shagashe Game Park will become a major tourist destination, generating significant economic benefits for the City and our partner investors.

For more information, contact:

Don't miss out on this exceptional groundbreaking opportunity! Invest in the revival of Shagashe Game Park.

Shagashe Game Park View