Finance Department

Departmental Mission

To provide sound financial and direction to Council, and providing corporate support services to Council’s operational departments in line with the Treasurer’s responsibilities as outlined by the Urban Council’s Act (29:15)

Overall functions of the Finance Department include:

1. collection of revenue
2. preparation of annual budgets
3. preparation of financial statements
4. monitoring budget performance
5. provision of advice on financial matters to the council
6.allocation of financial resources

The Finance Department produces Audited Financial for the Council and its Stakeholders. To view the current Audited Financial statement for Masvingo City Council, click here

Sections within the Finance Department include



This section provides payment services to council creditors and receives revenue from clients who are users of  council services


The stores section has the following responsibilities:
1.  Ensuring safekeeping  of the organisation’s assets kept in stock
2. Ensuring goods are available as and when required
3. Ensuring that records are updated, properly maintained and accurate



The Dept Collection Unit is a section that:-

  1. Deals with recovery of outstanding bills from residential, commercial and industrial areas of Masvingo City.
  2. Liaises with external Debt Collectors on clients handed over for collection.
  3. Agrees on payment plans with the clients with outstanding bills that are above ZWL 500 from all area offices.

Important Notice

If you are in arrears, you are advised to visit our Offices with payment plan to clear arrears and avoid Debt Collectors.

For payments and account inquiries call City Treasury on :+263 39 262 431-4.


Pay your Masvingo City Council Bills through:

Biller Code: 87870
Merchant Code: 28408

One Wallet Payment
Biller Code: 18041


1-5 Every Month: Meter Reading 16-23 Every Month:
Meter Reading capturing 21-24 Every Month:
Billing and Statements printing
25-7th of the next month:Statements Distribution

Business Hours

Our Branch opening times

Civic Centre

Monday to Friday(8am-4pm)

Mucheke Administration

Monday to Friday(8am-4pm)

Chesvingo Administration

Monday to Friday(8am-4pm)

Rujeko Administration

Monday to Friday(8am-4pm)

Report Corruption/Crime

Internal Audit(Corruption Report)

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  • 25-29
  • 30-34
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  • 50+

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