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Amid pomp and fanfare, Charles Austin Theatre celebrates City of Masvingo Town Clerk

The Charles Austin Theatre today celebrated the City of Masvingo Town Clerk, Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa for winning the President’s Award for Performance Excellency in Service Delivery 2023 Best Performer in the Government of Zimbabwe Town Clerks/CEOs of Urban Local Authorities’ Category.

The City was recognized for budget execution, client satisfaction, compliance, provision of social services, service delivery innovations, projects and improved environmental management.

Speaking during the celebration, the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Hon Ezra Chadzamira applauded the Town Clerk for steering the ship well and managing to end the water woes the city had been facing for some time.

“The Masvingo City Council Leadership drives innovation, fosters an exceptional culture and champions social responsibility. The Council works and achievements are in line with the President Cde. Dr E D Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 and mantra of leaving no one and no place behind. For these achievements and more, Eng Mukaratirwa won His Excellence President E D Mnangagwa’s Award for the Best Town Clerk in Zimbabwe. Council inspire many with these achievements and we are honoured to share in your joy. As we celebrate success we also acknowledge the support of the key stakeholders who have contributed to this illustrious journey’, he said.

Local artists showcased a lot of talent from choreography, mass displays, theatre, contemporary musical, costumes and makeup, staging, art and craft, abstract art, paintings and sculpturing.

The Charles Austin Theatre presented the Town Clerk with a painting of his headshot.

Among those at the ceremony were the Permanent Secretary for Masvingo Province and Devolution, Dr. A Pazvakavambwa, Masvingo Mayor, Cllr Aleck Tabe, Councillors, DDC, senior government officials, Council management, local artists, business community, government departments, sister local authorities, local schools, both Council owned and Government owned.

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City of Masvingo receives wheel chair donations for the disabled 

Craft Properties Holdings demonstrated a gesture of social responsibility towards the physically impaired citizens who need movement by donating 10 wheel chairs today.

The wheel chairs which were recieved by the City of Masvingo Mayor,  Cllr. Aleck Tabe accompanied by the Chamber Secretary,  Mr Vitalis Shonhai in the Civic Centre hall will improve the quality of life and ensure the physically impaired members of our community social inclusion and full participation in social life.

Mayor Tabe said he is grateful to Craft Properties Holdings for this gesture that “is underpinned by their value of Hunhu/Ubuntu”.

The elated beneficiaries stated that the wheel chairs would come in handy as it would make it possible for them to perform their chores.

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‘Making your city clean will spark investor interest’

Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Hon Ezra Chadzamira has encouraged the residents of Masvingo to mantain clean environments to enhance tourism potential, attract investment and boost economic growth. 

Speaking at the National Clean Up exercise at Runyararo Clinic today, Hon Chadzamira said cleanliness is an essential aspect of societal progress and development. 

He said cleanliness is closely intertwined with economic development. 

” Clean and well maintained cities provide a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Companies are most likely to invest in areas that offer a clean and healthy living and working environment for their employees. A clean city like Masvingo should be able to attract industries, promote entrepreneurship and enhance employment opportunities, thus driving economic growth.

“Cleanliness also plays a significant role in tourism and hospitality industry.  Tourists are more inclined to visit destinations that are known for their cleanliness, hygiene and environmental sustainability. 

” Companies also consider cleanliness and quality of life factors when choosing locations for their operations A clean and healthy living and working environment is essential for attracting industries, promoting entrepreneurship, and enhancing employment opportunities. I am happy that Masvingo has efficient waste management systems, sustainable practices and has managed to construct an engineered landfill”, he said.

Cleanliness has a direct impact on productivity and efficiency in various sectors. 

The clean up exercise was attended by government departments, businesses community, residents and schools.

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Rebuilding tomorrow’s generation through educational access and empowerment

City of Masvingo is dedicated to improving the educational infrastructure in the city, leading to the construction of Rujeko Secondary School which opened its doors to students on February 14, 2022.

The school which was officially opened by the then Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Hon. July Moyo is still under construction and is achieving notable progress. To date it boasts of 7 finished blocks and 3 blocks with an expected time of completion set for December 2024.

As the construction progressed, the community came together to support the project. The School Development Committee (SDC) procured material for the construction of a science lab which will be complete before year end.

The students of Rujeko Secondary School are thrilled with their new learning space and Council is proud of its investment in the future of the community.

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GIZ Strengthening Good Governance 

The City of Masvingo has been selected as one of the 7 local authorities to benefit from government to government bilateral relations through a GIZ and GGLA project worthy 3 million Euros.

City of Masvingo is going to be one of GIZ’s pilot project to test good governance, delivering services to the citizens in an accountable and transparent way.

The project funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is aimed at improving the institutional framework, gender-equitable, transparent and accountable governance in Zimbabwean local authorities  as approved. 

There is going to be a deliberate concentration in the way local authorities function dovetailing with the national policies, vision 2030 and call to action – no compromise to service delivery. 

Focus is going to be on non revenue water management,   inclusive and transparent budgeting, financial reporting monitoring and evaluation,  GIS, waste management and general training of councillors on soft skills, service delivery oversight and public finance oversight for Improved service delivery.

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Masvingo to renovate key roads in major infrastructure upgrades under ERRP 2 program

Up to 18 road projects are set to be implemented in the neighbourhoods of Masvingo city in the year 2024 under the ERRP 2 program.

The program seeks to do routine maintenances of 30km spot gravelling, 80km pothole, 50km drain clearing and 2km drain concrete lining among other activities.

Main targeted roads include Zviitirei street, (sisk-Christian college link), Mushuku street, Aquamarine, Shezhu, Manhede, KMP main road, Samson Mundondo, Mbudzi main road, 4.1 Barrack road, S Makuyana, J Chauke, Garisanai, Haka, Ndira, Nyaradzo, Chirandu, Davis Mugabe and Save crescent.

The city’s infrastructure project aims at developing the public transport sector and ease traffic flow in Masvingo urban.  

According to the program, the city will have will have a length of 162 kilometres of roads upgraded in four phases by 2024. 

Under phase one, 30km will be gravelled, phase two, 6.4km spot dumping, phase 3, pothole patching, phase 4, 5.6 km drain clearing on the current road network.

Construction works shall involve drain lining, rehabilitation of roads across the city, upgrading, repairing and renovating them among other activities

The ERRP2 project aims at fostering urban mobility and public transportation.

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Transforming the vision of Masvingo

There are deliberate efforts to transform Masvingo into a recreational and environmentally friendly city that is full of life and opportunities for residents and visitors. 

From beautification of roundabouts, establishment of themed and amusement parks, to development of tourism projects and outdoor sporting places and scenic sites, the City of Masvingo will never be the same. 

The current recreational project along Mutare road before Caravan Park is one of several Council’s recreational projects that is being developed to create more green and recreational parks that will turn the city into a healthy and sustainable habitat for the growing urban population. 

The recreational project define the culture and values of the city, giving visitors a feel of the Great Zimbabwe through stonework and chevron partners. 

Council is confident that the plans to create more green and recreational parks will help turn the city into a healthy and sustainable habitat for the growing population. 

The park will feature walkways, cycling routes, nature viewareas, bird hides, colourful indegenious trees, manicured gardens and picnic areas among other facilities that a modern park would have.

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City of Masvingo holds Masterplan review process and report of study validation workshop

In preparation for a planned and sustainable future, the City of Masvingo today engaged in a half day workshop to advise stakeholders on the key priorities which include an update on the Master Plan preparation process, validate the report of study that will inform the scope of the Master Plan, Written Statement and define next steps towards finalization of the Master Plan.

Council has taken steps to inform stakeholders on continued progression of the City of Masvingo Master Plan through the lens of ‘where are we now? ‘, and informing two additional questions, ‘ where do we want to go?, and how do we get there?’

The intent is to carry out a comprehensive Master Plan that is inclusive, transparent and grounded in extensive consultation with the community.

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City of Masvingo adopts Sustainable and Responsible Innovative Solid Waste Management Model

In all aims to manage solid waste and wanting to make Masvingo urban a clean city, the City of Masvingo has effected lifelong responsible and sustainable environmental control mechanisms which include landfilling to manage the bulk of solid waste, Waste to Energy (WtE) innovation, 3 Rs; that is Reduce  Reuse and Recycle – separation of waste at source as well as strategies for solid waste management at Ward level through creation of effective and efficient health clubs and clean up campaigns. 

The City’s integrated approach and invigorated by environment education has continuously stood out as the most effective strategy in capacity building of the community for improved performance. 

Masvingo City has demonstrated that solid waste that is created in the city is evacuated and arranged in a protected and proficient way at the Cambria landfill. Council has managed to accomplish better solid waste administration framework because of fairly adequate waste gathering and good transfer framework. 

Council has managed to come up and effectively enforce the City of Masvingo Anti- littering Bylaw coupled with the Public Health Act with a $5 fine for littering and $20 fine for illegal dumping. Thus, has enabled the City to do away with the problem of open dumps.

City of Masvingo aims on its strategic blueprint and on its main objective to attain, An Industrialised World Class Metropolitan City by 2030, to achieve this, stresses a smart environment devoid of pollution in its operational parameters.

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City of Masvingo launches e-parking system – Wezhira the Parker

The City of Masvingo has managed to put inplace a web- based parking system code named ‘Wezhira the Parker’ that offers pay and park facilities with computerized parking receipts. 

Council has already installed software and provided hand-held devices for attendants at parking lots that connect the feed from the City’s parking spots to the central server on the City of Masvingo website –

The hand-held device generates e-receipts and the software allows motorists to view online the number of free and occupied slots as and when cars enter and exit the parking lot. Council also proposes to issue preloaded cards to car owners for cashless payments. 

The new system is also aimed at reducing parking woes in the central business district. 

Data collected from client satisfaction surveys over a year ago, the City of Masvingo had flouted the idea of transparent online system in a bid to tighten security and increase revenue collection.

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