Welcome to Chamber Secretary Department

The Chamber Secretary for the City of Masvingo is Mr. Vitalis Shonhai. The offices of the Chamber Secretary are located at the Civic Centre Offices, Town House, First Floor, Masvingo.


  • Providing strategic technologies and competencies for effective and efficient operations in terms of corporate governance best practices;
  • Investment promotion
  • Providing emergency and disaster management platforms as per risk management policy
  • Providing and reviewing effective internal control systems to achieve best corporate governance practices.


  • Provision of secretarial and legal services to Council
  • Overall coordination of Council activities
  • Providing emergency and disaster management platforms.
  • Review and implement Council By laws-create Link
  • Human Resources Management
  • Conveyancing
  • Licensing of business premises
  • Maintenance of public safety, law and order


1.Committee Section


The Committee section is responsible for co-ordinating Council Committees and providing secretariat and administrative support services to all Council Standing Committees and Departments.

  • Production of Council and Committee Agenda and Minutes
  • Convening, co-ordination and management of Council and Committee Meetings.
  • Efficient and effective provision of secretarial and advisory service to Council and its Committees.
  • Updating of Council’s Standing Resolutions Register, Policies and Operational Manuals.

Standing Committees

Human Resources and Gender Committee

  • Matters involving policy and not specifically referred to another Committee.
  • Matters concerning Council employees
  • Review of conditions of service of Council employees.
  • Matters concerning Gender Mainstreaming.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

  • All matters concerning overall Finance Policy, control and management
  • Budgets formulation, monitoring and evaluation.

Public works and Planning Committee

  • Town Planning and development control
  • Roads, traffic planning and control.
  • Street lighting and Building By-Laws.
  • Public transport.
  • Water supply, sewerage reticulation and infrastructure development.

Health Housing and Environmental Services                   

  • Matters relating to Public Health and Social Welfare Services.
  • Provision of Housing and review of housing policy.
  • Education, libraries, crèches, public hall, stadia and vocational training.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Parks and Grass Cutting.

Audit Committee

  • Matters relating to internal and External Audits.
  • Value for money audits.
  • Oversight function.
  • Reviews Departmental Performance.

Terms of Reference of Committees

Sections 96, 97 and 210 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) provides the terms of reference of some Committees of Council. Standing Orders, currently under review provide for the procedure of conduct of Council meetings. 

Venue of Committee and Council Meetings

Every meeting of Council or its Committees shall be held in the Council Chamber at Town House, Masvingo unless otherwise determined by Council.


Headed by an Administration Officer the Section is mainly responsible for licensing of Business Premises, facilitating title transfer (conveyancing), enforcement of Council By-laws, co-ordinating departmental activities and provision of administrative support to all Departments.

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