SSLA Training at Masvingo Civic Centre

In Zimbabwe, people with disabilities are not discriminated but rather recognized in all aspects to keep promoting the base of equality to every citizen. In support to the importance of gender on the disabled ones especially for the deaf, Masvingo City  Council held a four day training being facilitated by Sunrise Sign Language Academy (SSLA) from  the 13th of June to 16th of June 2022 at Civic Centre.


The Trainers worked hand in hand with Sign Language Interpreters Association of Zimbabwe and Reformed Church University. Not all workers at Masvingo City Council attended the training sessions but it selected two workers from each department, two Councillors from Gender Committee and four workers from Municipal police. Sign language is pivotal in the Council and it is going to be taught to many employees as this training was just the beginning.


Mr D. Mapeta and Miss Praise from SSLA were the ones who were teaching them sign language covering all categories. The trainees wrote two final exams on their last day of the training and according to the trainers, Mr Mapeta and Praise the performance was exceptional. They decided not to only end on exams but also to proceed to a graduation ceremony to all those who had excelled the exams. The graduation is taking place on the 17th of June 2022 at Civic Centre


The training reflects commitment by Masvingo city Council to include all stakeholders in development of the City.





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Councillors tour the Bushmead Water Treatment Plant

As part of a comprehensive induction to help new councillors to settle in,  understand their roles and expectations, forge strong relationships with employees, and to build competence and confidence in serving their community, councilors got a close up look at where the city and surroundings get their water from and how it is treated today the 15th of June 2022 during a four-hour tour that led them from the Intake tower at Bushmead to water treatment plant.

Council held the tour of all stages of water purification from the intake towers to the final stage.The tour allowed the newly elected councillors to appreciate the operations. 

According to the Acting Director of Engineering Services, Eng. Kudzanai Mbetu the tour was really necessary for the both council management and councillors to walk through the facility to appreciate the operations.  

The newly elected councillors; Ward 4 Councillor, Aleck Tabe and Ward 5 Councillor, Rocky Kamuzonda were joined by their fellow councillors, Ward 10 councillor, Sengerai Manyanga, Ward 9 Councillor Babylon Beta, Ward 1 Councillor, Alderman Selina Maridza, Ward 7 Councillor, Richard Musekiwa and Council management, the Town Clerk, Eng Edward Mukaratirwa, Acting Director Engineering Servives, Eng. Kudzaishe Mbetu, Acting Finance Director, Mr. Danister Jori and Acting Director of Housing and Social Services, Mr. Simbarashe Mandishona.

However, other councillors and council managers were unable to join the tour due to other council duties.


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Going beyond the broom

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Hon Ezra Chadzamira on Friday the 3rd of July 2022 led the Masvingo community in cleaning up the environment at Garikai Market  where he planted the Kenan Cropon tree from Kenya and reiterated the need to keep a clean environment in line with the Government’s Vision 2030.


Minister Chadzamira, who addressed people after the clean-up exercise, commented the City of Masvingo for being one of the few local authorities to have a landfill which is a well-engineered and managed facility for the disposal of solid waste.


‘I would like to appreciate the efforts by the City of Masvingo for coming up with a landfill for proper waste management.


The raising anti-littering awareness in Masvingo by conducting a physical clean up exercise and involving various stakeholders  such as government agencies, regulatory authorities, residents and businesses has been a success in Masvingo since the inception of the programme in 2018.


Hon Chadzamira went on to applaud the Government’s efforts on infrastructure development especially road construction and maintenance under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.


District heads,  Provincial heads, Masvingo City Councillors, His Worship, The Mayor, Cllr. C. Maboke,  JOC members, Commissioners, ZANU PF Provincial Chairman, Hon Robson Mavhenyengwa and other dignitaries participated during the clean up exercise.



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City of Masvingo recruits guards

To improve Municipal policing standards, City of Masvingo recently undertook a rigorous training programme for its guards. The training took on board 16 guards who were all new recruits.


The training of 16 guards took  6 weeks, culminating in a pass-out parade conducted on 30 May 2022. The training covered both the physical aspects  of policing as well as the theoretical concepts. The course content included aspects such as Municipal code of conduct, foot drill, duties and responsibilities of a guard, history of Masvingo City Council, briefing and de-briefing, powers to arrest, search and seizure, communication, customer care, welfare, discipline, report writing and statement recording, static guarding or patrolling duties and municipal books and records.


His Worship, The Mayor, Cllr. C Maboke who was the Guest of Honour at the pass-out parade presented the graduates with certificates.


In his speech, Mayor Maboke highlighted that the role of security guards in modern society involves moderation of the behaviour of mankind through the enforcement of laws and by-laws.


The pass-out parade immensely benefited from the presence of senior council management, the Town Clerk and Chamber Secretary.

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Capacity building workshop for newly elected junior council, a resounding success



The National Junior Councils Association of Zimbabwe (NJCAZ) in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs coordinated a training and consultations workshop for the newly elected junior councillors for Masvingo City Council on Friday the 27th of May 2022 with the aim to develop the Universal Periodic Review Action Plan for the child.


Speaking during the workshop, NJCAZ Operations Officer, Trish Zengeya said the Ministry of Justice and parliamentary Affairs was tasked by the government to train and make consultations in line with children’s rights in all spheres.


‘NJCAZ is partnering the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs which has been tasked by the government on this training and consultations programme with the aim of developing the Universal Periodic Review Action Plan for the child related accepted recommendations.


The Universal Periodic Review Action Plan is done every 4 years. Recommendations from children are taken for implementation. It is also during these workshops that monitoring and evaluation of the government’s policies is made’, she said.


The junior council was also sensitised on strategies in which they can lobby Policy Makers to ensure  that the rights of children are protected, promoted and respected. The main priority areas of focus were; access to quality health care for children, access to quality education and child protection.

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2022 -23 junior council selected


The City of Masvingo conducted the selection of junior councillors under the theme, ‘celebrating a decade of  advocating for child participation and service delivery.’ The selection was carried out on May 24,  2022 in in the Civic Center hall whereby 56 participants drawn from local schools each got an opportunity to make a presentation.


The schools which participated in the selection include, Ndarama high school, Mucheke high school, Victoria high school, Masvingo day school, Rujeko secondary school, Masvingo Christian College, Vision Academy, Shining Star, Shingirirai College, Able God College and Barynel College. The selection was coordinated by Masvingo city’s Junior Council Focal person Mrs Mukosera who is also the Human Resources Officer for Masvingo city council.


District Schools inspector Ms Maputsa, Head In Charge of Masvingo province in the National Association of Secondary School Heads, Mrs A Mashasha was the guest of honor and the Ministry of youth represented by Mr M Dube also attended the event.


The overall number of students who participated in the first round on public speaking were 56 and 30 students who scored highest percentages were selected to go for the second round. The second round was a one minute impromptu presentation on governance and 15 students were selected.


 The students who were chosen to represent respective wards are, Magaya Linton (Shingirirai college) ward 1, Mutimiri Wiseman (Mucheke high school) ward 2, Hlupo Amon (Masvingo christian college) ward 3, Makani Tinotenda (Victoria high school) ward 4, Vakirai Mitchell (Masvingo christian college) ward 5, Ruzive Anesu ( Ndarama high school) ward 6, Masendeke Rachel (Vision academy) ward 7, Kaliboni Nicol (Rujeko secondary) ward 8, Mazumba Natasha ( Ndarama high school) ward 9 and Shuro Prince ( Victoria high school) ward10.


The other 5 students who were selected for managerial post were, Magara Tadiwa (Victoria high school), Mubhenji Sheron (Vision academy), Svosve Ariana ( Masvingo christian college), Muchemwa Leonard ( Mucheke high school) and Tavaya David (Able God collage). The term of office for the newly elected junior councillors is from 2022 up to 2023.


Senior Councillor Manyanga for ward 10, who is also the patron for the junior councillors congratulated the students who managed to be part of the junior council and also gave the vote of thanks. 

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City of Masvingo makes headway on road rehabilitation

The City of Masvingo continues to make significant progress under the second phase of Emergency Road Rehabilitation programme (ERRP) as part of intensified efforts to improve the city’s road network.


Under the phased road rehabilitation programme, City of Masvingo received a road grant  worth $ 9, 559, 715.83 from ZINARA funds for the first quarter for routine maintenance.


The funds were used for roads markings and 25km were covered. Roads which constitute the 25 km markings include: Gwereshe, Mhizha, Old great Zimbabwe road, Mashavishavi, Hillside Extension, Target Kopje Extension, Mangwandi Street, Mboroma Street, Chesvingo Street, Yomukono Street, Chiedza Street, Muzora Street, Zimuto Street, Dare Street, 4.1 Infantry, Mambo Street and Civic Centre Parking.


Rehabilitation of roads is going to improve traffic-ability in the city and help lay a strong foundation of growth given transportation is a key enabler of economic growth and development. It also provides business and trade as it provides for access to markets and production inputs.


In order to become an industrialized world class metropolitan city by 2030, economic growth must be preceded by investment in infrastructure.

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Major boost for City of Masvingo’s City Health Department As SolidarMed donates US$ 1000 worth of medicines

The City of Masvingo’s Health Services Department got a major boost today the 18th of May 2022 when it received medicine worth US$ 1000 from SolidarMed.

The aid of Ceftriaxone drug was sourced by the Health Department and this is not the first time the SolidarMed has extended a helping hand to the City.

In his acceptance speech, the City of Masvingo Town Clerk, Eng. Edward Mukaratirwa commended SolidarMed for the gesture saying it will go a long way in addressing the issues to do with provision of health services to the communities.


‘This donation is appreciated and we are very grateful. It is also important to note that as Council, the donation dovetails with our Strategic Plan outcome of provision of public health and primary healthcare services’, he said.


Meanwhile the Chief Environmental Health Officer, Mrs Suzanne Madamombe said there was need for concerted efforts in boosting the health sector.


SolidarMed concentrates also offers services in three (3) rural districts in Masvingo.

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City of Masvingo, Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless trust and Zimbabwe Homeless People’s federation hold workshop on urban resilience

City of  Masvingo in partnership with the alliance of Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless Trust, and  the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation held a workshop on mapping stakeholders for urban resilience as well as share experiences  and build  synergies with other stakeholders at Bethany in Masvingo.

The workshop follows the experiences of Masvingo partnerships on WASH and joint urban resilience fund initiatives in Masvingo which include rehabilitation of the Mambo and Tanaiwa Hostels with improved sanitation, construction of a public pay toilet at Garikai Market and establishment of a city fund that is owned by the community.

In his welcome remarks, the Town Clerk for City of Masvingo, Eng Edward Mukaratirwa encouraged  participants to take a leaf from each other’s experiences and urged them to know how to handle various situations affecting them and assert their presence by making a mark on development of the city.

The  partnership between City of Masvingo, Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless in Zimbabwe Trust and the Masvingo chapter of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation dates back to 1998.

One of the partnership strategic objective is to create mechanisms for upgrading slum settlements and also to enhance livelihood through involvement of resident communities and other stakeholders particularly on issues of water and sanitation as well as income generating projects in the City.

The City Fund is meant to create a vehicle for upgrading slums and informal settlements through involvement of resident communities and other stakeholders in the planning, designing and implementation of projects. Mobilise resources for developmental projects for the urban poor from community savings, Local Authority, National Budgets, private sector investors and international agencies. Promote partnerships of Local Authorities with national government, community federations, private stakeholders, Institutions of Higher learning, and international agencies.

The workshop was attended by representatives from the office of the Minister of state for provincial Affairs and Devolution, , His Worship, the Mayor, Cllr. Collen Maboke, Councillors, District Development Coordinator’s office, council officials, Dialogue on Shelter for the Homeless Trust officials, the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation members, stakeholders and residents.








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City of Masvingo Town Clerk wins inaugural ‘Pro-Development leader of the year’ platinum Award


The Town Clerk for City of Masvingo, Eng. Edward Mukaratirwa has been adjudged ‘Pro-Development leader of the year’ at the inaugural 2021 Masvingo Megafest Business Awards held at Great Zimbabwe Hotel in Masvingo on Friday, April 22, 2022.

The Awards were received on his behalf by the City of Masvingo Public Relations and  Communications Officer and other Council Directors.

The awards ceremony organised by Megafest seeks to celebrate, appreciate and acknowledge leadership and showcase Masvingo and its business sectors to the world.

Furthermore, the Megafest Awards give widespread exposure and is a thriving platform for the business community to stay connected, relevant, ahead of the game and be verified via documentary films, awards and magazines.

The ceremony brought together the best performers from each sector acting in diverse ways to put the country on the global map for industrialisation and development.

Eng Edward Mukaratirwa expressed gratitude to God and to Council for their hard work, perseverance and commitment to success for the City of Masvingo brand.

He also expressed his appreciation to the organisers for such an event aimed at acknowledging performance in the region, who have and still contribute to development and growth of the country’s economy.

Eng. Mukaratirwa, admonished that “as individuals our visions must always be greater than ourselves; because if that is not the case, we don’t have a vision”.

According to him, “Whatever vision we have must capture the future of our local authority, of our nation, of our continent and of humanity; and if it doesn’t, then it is a very small vision.

“We need to step from our comfort zones and turn our lemons into lemonade. This is the evidence that we have done this while others lamented, complained and perhaps went to sleep. The sleepless nights, efforts, and hard work have birthed great rewards” he said.

The award is yet another one in the overflowing bag of icon on the helm of City of Masvingo.


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