Welcome to the Masvingo City Council Committees

1. Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee chaired by Cllr B Beta and has the following responsibilities:

  1. To draw-up and present for approval of the council estimates of income and expenditure on revenue and capital accounts of the council for the next succeeding financial year,
  2. To monitor council’s cash flow through its banking account or accounts, including any overdraft facility that council may be operating,
  3. To consider and approve Council’s Borrowing Powers,
  4. To consider and recommend increases in service charges, property rates, rents, supplementary charges and miscellaneous charges,
  5. To ensure that Council maintains effective and efficient financial internal control systems through financial regulations and procedures,
  6. To consider all recommendations of other committees of Council that have financial implications,
  7. To monitor and make recommendations for the efficient operations of Council’s trading undertakings and
  8. To exercise any other function that Council may delegate to it from time to time
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2.Human Resources & Gender Committee

Human Resources and Gender Committee chaired by Cllr S Maridza and responsible for:

  • Matters involving policy and not specifically referred to another Committee.
  • Matters concerning Council employees
  • Review of conditions of service of Council employees.
  • Matters concerning Gender Mainstreaming.

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3.Public Works Committee & Planning

Public Works and Planning Committee chaired by Cllr S. Manyanga and is responsible for:

  • Town Planning and development control
  • Roads, traffic planning and control.
  • Street lighting and Building By-Laws.
  • Public transport.
  • Water supply, sewerage reticulation and infrastructure development.

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4.Health, Housing and Environmental Services Committee

The committee resposible for Health, Housing and Environmental Services is chaired by Cllr M Musekiwa and is responsible for:

  • Matters relating to Public Health and Social Welfare Services.
  • Provision of Housing and review of housing policy.
  • Education, libraries, crèches, public hall, stadia and vocational training.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Parks and Grass Cutting

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5.Audit Committee

The Audit Committee chaired by Cllr D Mberikunashe is responsible for:

  • Matters relating to internal and External Audits.
  • Value for money audits.
  • Oversight function.
  • Reviews Departmental Performance.

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