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Masvingo City Council in conjunction with The Department of Veterinary Department will carry out a mass rabies vaccination campaign in Masvingo City from 07/08/23 to 11/08/2023. Members of the public are urged to bring both dogs and cats for vaccination.  All unvaccinated dogs or cats will be shot during a Dog-Tie-Up-Order which will be carried out after the vaccination programme. The cost will be RTGS/Ecocash 5000 or 1 USD per dog or cat.

 Tirivanhu B/C9am-3pm
 Dunira B/C9am-3pm
 Takawira B/C9am- 3pm
 Gomba B/C9am-3pm
 Gwanongodza B/C9am-3pm
08/8/2023Hillside B/C9am-3pm
 Hillside extension B/C9am-3pm
‘’Majange B/C9am-3pm
‘’Pangolin B/C9am-3pm
‘’Aphiri Fairway Bottle Store B/C9am-3pm
09/8/2023Mucheke municipality office9am-3pm
‘’Yeukai  B/C9ami-3pm
‘’Target kopje B/c9am-3pm
‘’Sisk shopping centre B/C9am-3pm
10/8/2023Rukeko C bus stop B/C9am-3pm
 Rujeko B/C9am-3pm
‘’Mutsetse plot B/C9am-3pm
‘’Wimpy car wash B/C9am-3pm
‘’Rujeko Municipal Admin Offices B/C9am-3pm
‘’Muchecheni bus stop B/C9am-3pm
11/8/2023Remand Prison-Rhodene B/C9am-3pm
‘’Masvingo Showground B/C9am-3pm
‘’Diyo B/C  (Clovelly)9am-3pm
‘’Eastvalle B/C (Aminas)9am-3pm
‘’Rhodene swimming pool9am-3pm

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Public Notice _ Licensing

Grace period for license renewals is ending on Friday 17 February 2023. Please make sure that you are fully licensed to avoid penalties. All staff working in food establishments should have valid medical exam certificates. NB Provision of refuse recepticles is mandatory for all premises.

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Council Swimming Pool Now Functional

City of Masvingo hereby notifies residents, ratepayers and stakeholders on Council swimming pool charges. Adults – $2, Children (14 years & below) – $1, Spectators – $1 and Day Booking – $200. First Session is from 0930hrs to 1245hrs and Second Session is from 1400hrs to 1645hrs. Everyone is allowed to pay before entering the pool. Dogs and pets are not allowed and strictly no alcohol.

Location:  Northly Police Post

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In conjunction with Ministry of Health and Child Care, Masvingo City Health facilities will be conducting  Polio vaccination to all children aged 0 – 59 months. Oral Polio will be given at all health facilities strategic points like Rank, Garikai Market (Chitima), Flea Market, Pre- schools, churches and street vaccination.

This is a response to outbreaks which have been experienced in our neighboring countries such as Zambia and Malawi. Therefore, as a country we are not spared due to high mobility of our people. Poliomyelitis 70% can be asymptomatic but still can spread the virus.

May you please cooperate and assist village health workers who will be conducting door collection of data to come up with the correct number of children we have so that adequate resources will be allocated.

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