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City of Masvingo unveils USSD Bill Enquiry and Payment Platform

In a development set to enable ease of doing business, the City of Masvingo has unveiled a USSD bill enquiry and payment function on its website. A centralised system that digitalises all accounts information for ratepayers.

Ratepayers can dial *828*8*5# and proceed to enter account number and contact to be able to enquire and pay bills. The system automatically updates accounts information.

The introduction of USSD bill enquiry and payment platform has been received well by hordes of residents as it ensures that residents access their accounts to enquire balances and process payments conveniently.

Given the ever-present payment alternatives like mobile money services such a feature is going to be very effective and conducive for residents. Currently, Council has been making use of mobile money services such as Ecocash, OneMoney as well as bank transfers.

Key among the advantages of online payments is the creation of a cashless society, eliminating the issues of queueing in Revenue Halls, bringing major convenience to ratepayers.

The Council’s initiative works with the full support of a locally designed server that computes the data quickly and updates the whole system.

The system is independent of wholesome operations, allowing independent activities to transact then compile data in the background, instead of pulling the whole database to offer a service, adding so much speed on the serving terminal. Plans are underway to introduce a mobile application to cater for the service as well.

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Your High Density Domestic/Residential bill comprises of Service Charges which are:-
● Minimum Water
● Refuse Collection
● Sewerage Services
● Supplementary Charges
● Excess water (where water consumption exceeds 5 kilo litres)

For the 2023 financial year, the charges have been pegged as shown below:
Minimum Water: charged for 5KL @ 1.30 per kl = 6.50
Refuse charge @ 2.06 per collection for 4 times a month incl. VAT = 9.48
Sewerage charge – a fixed monthly charge Incl. VAT = 5.67
Supplementary Charges – a fixed monthly charge = 4.00
Total Service charges (VAT inclusive) = 25.65

Illustration of Bill calculation given a monthly consumption of 20kl:-
(i) The first 5kl are in minimum water – 5kl = 6.50
(ii) Excess Water :- 6kl to 18 kl charge-13kl @ 1.30 = 16.90
(iii) 19 to 20 kl charge-2 kl @ 1.40 = 2.80 19.70
Total Water Charge 26.20
(iv) Add :- Refuse removal charge 9.48
(v) Sewerage charge 5.67
(vi) Supplementary Charge 4.00
Total Bill 45.35

The above bill will be given in ZWL$ at the prevailing interbank rate on the date one day
before billing for example, if billing starts on the 21st then the interbank rate of the 20th is used.
E.g. The rate on 20 January 2023 was ZWL$738.4225 and the current bill will be;
US$45.35 x 738.4115 = ZWL$33,486.9

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Statement Distribution Notice – 23/01/2023

It is important for property owners and tenants to keep on top of their monthly municipal accounts.
Reading your water meter regularly is the best way to keep track of your water use, and ensure your bill is an accurate reflection of it. Don’t forget to record the date of your reading.

The dates between readings also play an important role as the system provides for calculation in
accordance with the number of days. Should you wish to check the meter reading, you may visit your nearest municipal office to verify the readings against the financial records and request for a copy of your statement of the meter readings
over the past three months.
City of Masvingo Finance Department will be in:

  • Town (CBD) and Target Kopje on Tuesday 24 /01/23,
  • Northlea, and Target Kopje on Wednesday 25/01/23,
  • Eastvale and Rhodene on Thursday 26/01/23,
  • Cloverly and Zimre Park on Friday 25/01/23 distributing statements.
  • Clipsham, Flesk, Industry and Morningside collect from billing office (Civic Centre)

Feel free to direct any questions regarding meter readings or other general account enquiries to or visit your nearest area office to verify your account details.

Alternatively, phone the Finance Department on:
0392 262 431-4
0713 652 131

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City Customer Support Center

City Customer Support Center

Do you have a query, complaint, an enquiry to make or a fault to report?

We have made your life easy by creating an online platform to lodge your query, complaint, enquiry or fault reporting.

Click the following link:


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Whatsapp bill payment platform

Why join the queue when you can pay your bill using Whatsapp. Use our Whatsapp platform for safe, convenient and fast transactions.

Bringing convenience to your doorstep.

Steps to follow when you want to make a payment:

  • Save the following Whatsapp number to your contacts: (+263 8644 729 100);
  • Open your Whatsapp and send a “Hie” message to the number;
  • Follow the steps in the replied message and complete the payment process.


  • For help you can contact us on (+263 392 262 413/4)

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