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Department’s Mission: To provide Town Planning, Engineering and Technical Services.

The City Engineer’s Department is responsible for the provision of infrastructure and planning services to the residents of the City. It is headed by the City Engineer and comprises the following Sections:


  • The City’s water supply comes from Bushmead Waterworks at Lake Mutirikwi, where an average of 30 megalitres (ML) is pumped daily to the City.
  • Water quality is excellent and meets both World Health Organisation (WHO) and Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) standards.
  • Current supply is at maximum capacity but is failing to satisfy water demand in the ever-growing City. The water demand is estimated at 48 megalitres per day.
  • However, the City has prioritised the Central Business District and the Industrial areas in water supply.
  • Additional measures put in place by the local authority due to the shortage of water is a ban on the use of hosepipes, which attracts a fine.
  • A Water Augmentation Project is underway to increase the water supply capacity of the town. Borrowing Powers and a Government Guarantee are being sought to carry out the project.


The Masvingo Fire Brigade is located at Bradburn Street Extension in the CBD and is responsible for the attendance to fire emergencies and special services such as attendance to road traffic accidents. It currently comprises 4 fire tenders and a Rapid Intervention Vehicle.

In case of any fire outbreak or emergency, members of the public are to contact the following telephone numbers;

  • 039-2264811 or 039-2262551
  • 993 (Toll Free from land line)
  • 112 (Toll Free for Econet subscribers)

The Fire Brigade also conducts fire lectures to business, industry and institutions for free. 

Firefighting equipment should be serviced every six months, where available.


  • Sewer in the City flows by gravity to raw sewer pump stations on the banks of Shakashe River.
  • Raw sewer is then pumped to the Masvingo Sewage Treatment Works to the east of the City for treatment and safe disposal.
  • There are two treatment plants within the premises, viz., Conventional Trickling Filter plant with a capacity of 7.5 megalitres per day (ML/d) and the Activated Sludge plant with a capacity of 13.5 ML/d, to give a combined capacity of 21ML/day.
  • The Sewage Section also has a sixteen member team of Sewer Rodders responsible for unblocking sewer blockages in the community. To report a sewer blockage, residents are advised to call 0772400313.


  • The main challenge faced by the Section are ingress of grit and sand into sewer systems leading to clogging of the sewer reticulation and damage to pumping equipment.
  • Residents are therefore urged not to wash off grit/sand into the sink after washing dishes as this causes the sewer to block, and damages pumps.


The city has a road network of 288 kilometres. The network comprises mostly surfaced roads and also, gravel and earth roads. A survey carried out nationwide in 2017 and being updated since shows that the condition of the roads is generally poor.


The roads suffer from lack of investment into their maintenance and into new network additions. Funding for roadmaking and maintenance is constrained by poor budgetary performance and low levels of allocation and even lower levels of disbursement from Zinara. 

However the the city is recapitalising its road making fleet such that it can respond  timeously  to challenges related to road mantainance. to date, the council has procured a motorised grader, front end loader and a tipper. the equipment has assisted the Council to carryout notable works such as rehabilitation of Jason Moyo Avenue, surfacing roads in Hillside Extension and servicing Mucheke D Infill High Density Housing development among others.


  • The Water Fitter is tasked with attending to the water reticulation of the City, including attending to pipe bursts, leaks, effecting water and sewer connections and replacing piping and valves.
  • Water related queries are to be reported to the Water Fitter on 0712 213 089.


The purpose of this city plan aims at coordinating development of Masvingo City. the plan aims at conserving and improving the physical environment and in particular promoting health, safety, order amenity, convenience and general welfare, as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development. in order to ensure effectiveness service delivery to all service users, the town planning department through city plans offers the following:

Planning services,  planning policies, implementation;  building inspectorate, drawing office,


The City Council’s Automotive Workshop has the mandate to manage the municipal fleet, service and repair the vehicles as well as provide fabrication services so that there is smooth service delivery to the ratepayers.

The City has a fleet of light and heavy vehicles as well as earthmoving plant and equipment which provide mobility to the Council’s operations.

The Workshop also provides the following services;

  • Staff development and training of all fleet drivers
  • Hire of contraction equipment
  • Effective vehicle fleet management


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